Friday, July 11, 2008

Give me a Break!

The Hotline posted an item about the focus that the Presidential candidates have taken lately to women's issues. McCain is touting how Obama's policies are bad for women. He tries to say that Obama will make it harder for women to open small businesses and manage the family budget. Meanwhile, Obama supporters shot back that McCain has not been a big fighter for equal pay in the workforce.

First of all, may I say that the last thing I need is a man telling me what is going to hurt "us women". Secondly, these are not policy issues. Neither of these men are going to enact policies that significantly shift the status of the well-being of women because there are larger things to attend to at this moment in history. Frankly, Sen. McCain, if Obama's policies make it harder for women to open businesses and manage the family budget, they will do so for men as well...leaving the gap largely where it is now. This is all lip service to try to win over a vote that they perceive to be swayable. What politicians all too often forget is that women are a broad group that come from varied economic, cultural, and professional backgrounds. Therefore, the issues that are most important to us vary just as widely, and influence our vote differently.

And the last thing that women who care about equal opportunity and representation in society want or need is another man trying to tell them what to do.

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