Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The trap

We are all falling into a trap. Each and every one of us is falling
into a familiar trap and we must make this time different.

While we follow the bickering between Senators Obama and Clinton and
we dissect Senator McCain's campaign positions we are forgetting
somthing. We forgetting something that is indeed all around us and
vital to our ebruday life. Something that one of these candidates will
have the power to effect deeply next year.

Senator McCain likes to call the fight against Islamic terrorism the
"transcendent issue of the 21st century." I and every scientist not
employed by an oil company would like to disagree. The transcendent
problem of the 21st century is global climate change. And we have
allowed it to go virtually unmentioned through this primary season.
Will we allow it to go unmentioned in the general election?

I recognize that in the landscape of economic hardship many Americans
are facing and the ongoing war in Iraq, its easy to get distracted.
But we must continue to press our candidates in both the presidential
and congressional elections to present plans to save the environment
and end our carbon economy.


Mike R said...

Once again, this is why we need Al Gore. Strong on military. Strong on economy. Strong on experience. Strong est on environment.

Raquel said...

Sadly, people like to focus on things that are concretely scary. Terrorism is easy because it has happened. The economy is easy because it touches us every day. But the sad thing is that unless there is a severe drought or flood in every state, people are going to have a hard time focusing on climate change. That being said, I also think it is largely a flaw of our media outlets that this issue has been largely ignored in all the interviews with the candidates. There should be at least as much attention paid to this issue as we currently lavish on immigration.