Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Media perception

Super Tuesday was indeed a big night in American politics. In my media
watching interesting trends have emerged. The source one watches or
reads holds great sway over what one might think of the race at this
point. NBC's today show this mornning seemed to want to draw the
narrative that the Republican race was muddled and nearly a threeway

Popular assessment however from the Washington post, politico, and PBS
was Romney's loss in California and across the northeast (with the
notable exception of Mass.) made McCain the prohibitive favorite
heading down the stretch.

On the Democratic side consensus is that both candidates did well, but
Senator Clinton did better because of her victories in NY and

My personal take on the Republican side is the same as it was a month
ago. The Republican party is going to come home to McCain for lack of
a better choice. They don't trust Romney's experience or character,
and they don't trust Huckabee's competence on a national scale.
Thusly, McCain becomes the survivor.

On the Democratic side, we've seen the year of no momentum and I don't
seebthat changing any time soon, even after Super Tuesday. We're going
to see a state by state battle starting this Saturday in Louisiana.
There has been much debate over who the calendar favors more heading
forward. Conventional wisdom is that the calendar favors Obama. I, for
one have stopped trusting conventional wisdom this election cycle.

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