Monday, February 25, 2008

The Hope Deficit

My last post, concerning the ramifications of electing a president of
color in a nation where racial prejudice still clearly exists drew
some interesting comments both on the blog comment board and privately
via email. I appreciate both and hope for more commentary. I love
spirited debate.

But the comments have given me impetus to explain my prior post in
more detail. A nominee getting even thus close to the nomination has
already started stirring a pot of racial divide across the country.
While the main stream media is wrapped up on the narrative of hope
versus substance, there is another question. Does a person of color
inadvertently and indeed unintentionally divide the country?

Are the vitriolic comments and blog posts found throughout the country
a vocal sample from a tiny minority? Or are they the stifled voice of
a silenced majority? My desperate hope is that its the former.

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