Monday, February 25, 2008

Hey there Ralphie Boy!

Ralph Nader announced yesterday on Meet the Press that he will, again, run for President. I for one am glad, not because I am so in line with his politics, but because I think more voices are needed in these trying political times. His role as spoiler diminishes the contribution he could potentially make for the progressive agenda. I'm gonna take the side against the media on this one. If more candidates like Nader were given air time and equal time to express their agendas an not be see as "outside the norm" we might have a more cohesive debate. 

I acknowledge however, that Nader doesn't exactly make himself the media darling. He strides on a horse that is mighty high indeed, and from a minority position it is hard in to draw together a coalition to actually get things done. In my opinion Nader should have announced his candidacy early and pushed the progressive side of the Democratic agenda early on in the media. Now, he will inevitably be seen as little more than a spoiler. A role he rejected, while he acknowledged that he had no chance of winning. 

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