Friday, February 15, 2008

Contemptable Indeed

Hello all this one will be short but the house passed contempt
resolutions against Harriet Miers and Josh Bolten for refusing to
comply with a subpeona to come testify before congress in the matter
of the district court judges who were fired for what are believed to
be political reasons.

The measure passed easily but not before house Repubilcans through a
hissy fit of playground proportions. Before the measure was put to a
vote led by Minority Leader John Baener, the Republicans demonstrated
an act of amazing political theatre. Staging a walkout to chants of
"work, work, work." (For those keeping score at home I am basically
summarizing and combining the reports I read at the NY Times and

Operationally these acts will be very difficult to act upon as the
justice department is not going to prosecute members of the executive
branch exercising executive priviledge.

So what was all this? Political theatre on both sides of the aisle?
Gestures of political alliance from both democrats who vowed to have
more oversight of the hated Bush administration?

Is there any real justice to be served here?

Comments please, please, please.

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