Monday, February 11, 2008

When will they endorse?

There are but two endorsements left that matter in this race.

I typically fall into the category of people that don't think endorsements matter much. Endorsements are a nice boost, they provide some legitmacy among small groups, the "bigger" the endorsement the more free media comes of it. But politically they don't change voters minds.

All of that serves as a huge caveat to the two endorsements that matter and why either Senator Clinton or Senator Obama would be happy to have them. Al Gore, former vice president and recent Nobel Prize and Oscar winner would be the first. Mostly because in Democratic circles he is seen as the candidate that "should have been" and in hindsight looking at the dismal approval ratings of the current president and congress, many in the Democratic party believe things today would only have been better with Gore as president. More than that he is seen as someone dealing with a problem, the biggest problem the world has potentially ever faced, that of Global Climate change. Al Gore's endorsement would give a tremendous ideological boost, I think most effectively for Hillary Clinton as she as seen as an agent of status quo, capable of only narrow victories. The so-called "latte liberals" already in Obama's camp probably don't need any more liberal boosting.

The more precious short term endorsement would be that of former Senator John Edwards. His liberal force in the election drove the debate when he was still in the race and his consistent 15 percent support among voters could be directed to either candidate and change the voting patterns that have deadlocked the race between the two Senators.

While Al Gore has little motivation to endorse a candidate right now, Senator Edwards may feel some need to maintain relevance in this race as things get down to the wire.

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