Thursday, February 21, 2008

The McCain Flap

Readers of the blog know that I am a fan of the NY Times. They also know that I am NOT a fan of conservative talk radio. However, the Times decision to print this story, reeks of tabloid journalism that I had previously thought was beneath the time. The four web-page story lacks much by way of hard fact or sources. After reading it the article insinuates that McCain's staff was uncomfortable with the female lobbyist being around often, but little else.

The story strikes me as a sensational way to revive problems McCain has had in the past as they rehash the Keating Scandal. While this should be discussed as it relates to McCain's record, I thought it was in poor taste to gin up a larger scandal for the sake of bringing up an ugly past. It struck as highly partisan.

In the long view I believe the Times did more to hurt themselves than the McCain campaign.

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