Monday, February 11, 2008

5 Good things about John McCain's likely Nomination

Alright, I'll admit it, my Iraq post just now left me a little depressed, so I decided to leave the blog tonight on a happier slightly more comical note and express the following list.

5 Good Things About John McCain's likely nomination

1. He's not crazy. Despite the forthcoming appeals to the conservative base, John McCain is a moderate at heart. He has shifted some fiscal positions to the right as political expediency required. But he's not an ideologue that can't see the other side's point of view.

2. He makes Rush Crazy. This blog hasn't been around very long, but as it continues to exist you all will get exposed to my loathing for Talk Radio. Rush, Hannity and Coulter and seething over this, and it makes me laugh.

3. He's a Gaffe Machine. I know, I know George W. Bush is the king of the gaffe-factory. But McCain's recent "The economy's not really my thing, I have Greenspan's book." "We could stay in Iraq for 100 years." And the ever popular "Bomb-bomb-bomb, bomb-bomb Iran." Are a mere sample of the McCain Library of screw-ups we'll hear this fall.

4. Iraq Matters Again. The Democrats are already talking about it. No contender on either side of the aisle has more street-cred with in comes to Iraq than McCain. Right on Rumsfeld, right on the surge, wrong on the long term strategy, McCain will push this to the center of our debates where, incidentally, it should be.

5. Purple States Love Him. This relates back to #1. McCain's nomination refers to the longing the country has for moderation. After seeing the right get what it wanted, the nation is ready to come back to the center. McCain's likely nomination will keep the debate left center versus right center, exactly where most Americans want it to be.


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I am sorry you are not Pres. NOT

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:( i like Mccain he rocks