Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thanks, Dr. Zizmor

The concerns over health care have been a hot topic this primary season, with candidates dissecting each other in order to discredit the other's plan. But maybe the problems with our health care system aren't just about mounting costs and greedy pharmaceutical companies. The NY Times published this article about the shift in focus of top medical school students. Thanks to our deeply unhealthy obsession for unrealistic standards of beauty and anti-aging, Americans have made dermatology and plastic surgery a gold mine. When people are willing to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on a 45 minute procedure, is it any wonder that medical students are lured in to the promise of a high standard of living and no rough hours? Who wouldn't go for a job that's less stressful but allows you to earn two times more? But as more and more of our most promising medical students compete and fight for their place in these industries, there is inevitably a shortage of students going into things like internal medicine and family practice. So, essentially, you'll get the C student operating on your heart or diagnosing your cancer, but the A student injecting Botox in your face. C'mon....don't you think we need to reorder our priorities a little bit?

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