Thursday, March 13, 2008


It turns out Global Warming isn't real.

Rush Limbaugh just informed me that its all a plot cooked up by Al Gore and eco-terrorists.


And here I thought we had a real problem on our hands. Thankfully Rush tells me that based on his years of scientific study, this whole thing is a hoax. THANK GOD! In fact, for the sake of all Policythought Readers out there, I will post one of Rush's many, many brilliant insights into this topic....

"This is nothing more than typical media behavior. Nothing more than typical media distortion and really what it is, is constant focus on crisis. If somebody they think is credible, a scientist or an expert, comes out and says, "We got global warming. It's going to happen," you had a former vice president with a movie out there, they love it. It's crisis. It sells newspapers! It gets ratings! It promotes liberalism! It promotes big government! I don't think, folks, based on where some of our thermometers are that take official temperature readings in this country and around the world, I don't think we can possibly know for sure whether it's getting warmer or colder climate-wise worldwide. How can in the middle of global warming we set record lows in the summertime and have record highs in the winter? Some of these things just don't make sense. But aside from all that, you don't factor precipitation, you throw the sun out of the equation, and you only factor in rich countries and wealthy human beings and then point the finger of blame, you don't think that's liberalism? That's liberalism to its core, combined with a compliant media that is focused not on facts and truth and open exchange of ideas, but just promoting crisis, pure and simple. Don't fall for it. It's a hoax!" The entire transcript can be found here

Let me just say, I am really really pleased Rush told me that. Otherwise I might have gone on believing.

Now the question of course is who does President Bush believe? Rush or his own EPA? Well according to this article in the Washington Post, the President personally intervened at the last minute to kill smog restrictions a new code the EPA was releasing. I guess the EPA are just a bunch of environmentalist wacko-s too.

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