Sunday, March 30, 2008

Hands off or Regulate

Remember Nate Dogg and Warren G? Reach back, way into your early
ninties catalog. The dynamic cousinly duo took around three minutes
with a steady beat and subdued lyrics explaining how they let enough
slip. But now it was time regulate.

Nate Dogg and Warren G never worked for the US government. We cab
debate that in another post. I happen to believe a rapping cousin duo
would be a huge boost to the supreme court. My boys did drop some
knowledge though on how far anyone should be pushed, before they take

The Fed and the Tresury department are taking interventionist action
now to boost liquidity in the market and sure up flagging financial
institutions. It remains to be seen if these drastic and dramatic
actions from Washington will cure Wall Street's short term ills long
enough to stave off disaster, if they slapped a bandaid on a broken
leg. This much I do know. Conservatives are against market involvement
by government right until disaster strikes. It makes you wonder, if
you were going to get involved so late, should you have gotten
involved at all?

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