Sunday, March 30, 2008

I Am Not Stimulated!

Last week, I received my notice from the IRS informing me of the Economic Stimulus Payments I might receive as a result of Bush's stimulus package. Needless to say, what I read did not turn me on. The stimulus package is the most ridiculous idea since the helicopter ejection seat. If the stimulus package were Viagra, old people would never have sex. In fact, they'd probably have less sex than they did before because their egos would be so annihilated. Think about it...the government wants to stimulate spending, so they offer anyone who files at least $3,000 of income a $600 payment ($1200 for joint couples filing together) . $600??? Are you kidding me? Consider that people need this money to pay their mortgages before they're foreclosed. Consider that they need this money for groceries. Consider that the last thing people will be thinking is that they need to go buy that new, Spring wardrobe at the Gap. Oh, not to mention that this tax cut does nothing for the folks who may need this as much or more than the lower tax bracket: the middle class family. $600 does nothing for the middle class...but that's moot. Anyone making $75,000+ doesn't get a full payment or any payment at all. This clearly demonstrates that President Bush and Congress are so far out of touch with America. You want national security to be a priority this election season? With the dollar taking a royal swan dive and our economy floundering like a fish out of water, I think the economy is the utmost matter of national security.

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