Sunday, March 9, 2008

Give Me Back My Hour, Ben!

Spring forward, my foot! We lost an hour's sleep last night because of one man. One evil man with a balding mullet who mastered electricity, commandeered the cover of the $100 bill and is apparently who "it's all about." And he was never even President! Grover Cleveland is very distraught by that fact, I'm certain of it.

Franklin. Ben Franklin. The original Philly bad boy (sorry, Lenny Dykstra!). Franklin has permanently influenced American time zones, American money and American Idol. Okay, maybe not the latter (though he may have something to do with the lightning success of David Archuleta. Only time will tell). Yes, today I'm a little bitter at Old Ben and his Almanac. least he doesn't get a highly anticipated mini-series on HBO next weekend. Poor Richard, indeed.


Anonymous said...

Say what you will about him, but he was the original pimp! He scored with men and women on two continents. Beat that.

Adam said...

Ben Franklin = P-I-M-P