Saturday, March 29, 2008

60 Minutes for Old Mother Earth

So the WWF deserves a round of applause. No no, not the idiots who pretend to beat the mess out of each other for millions in profit (another post, another day) the World Wildlife Fund! Back way back when in 2007 in Sydney, Australia Earth Hour was born. A gesture made by those lovely Aussies to conserve energy and perform a symbolic nod to the growing crisis that is our Earth's life expectancy. Just as Earth Hour is blowing out it's whopping one candle it has gone from being an event in one city to spanning the globe!

At 8 p.m. tonight (your local time) all participating cities will turn off all lights that are deemed "unnecessary". Over 100 cities in North America have signed up, Atlanta, Chicago, Phoenix and San Francisco and Ottawa, Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto just to name a few. (Eh, what are the Canadians doing that they need light any way? Isn't 8 p.m. bedtime? Ha ha jk jk). Maybe more of us 50 states should be taking notes from Ol' Canada . Not suprisingly New York is not one of the participants but I do look forward to the day that just for an hour all those pretty lights in all those tall buildings in the Apple go dark and save just a little energy. But do not fret, all of us New Yorkers are encouraged to turn out the lights at 8 p.m. and pass along the word to family and friends, (even if you are one of those Green wind-using earth-loving lovelies you could still spare some wind I suppose).

My favorite part of the campaign is the part where it offers: What will you do when the lights are off? We have plenty of ideas. I think that was clever, I mean who couldn't go for a little hide and seek on a saturday night? Wink Wink ;) Anyyyy whos, the larger picture here is to create your own Earth Hour every day, conservation, better bulbs the whole nine, but to learn more go to and in the words of Miss Furtado come eight o'clock turn out those lights.

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