Friday, March 28, 2008

The Calendar Strikes Again

Alright boys and girls, a quick hit this morning before I go off to do the work that I actually get paid for.

Can we underestimate the calendar's importance in the Democratic Primary. Way back in February (feels like years ago right?) Pundits were talking about how if it were still close by now the Pennsylvania primary was going to be like Iowa all over again, candidates spending 6 weeks campaigning and battling for the last large delegate state.

And yet no one, myself included, took into account what a huge amount of time 6 weeks is in a primary cycle operating at Internet speed. Six weeks of Clinton and Obama jabbing at each other has left all observers involved, even the Democrats tired. The media narrative has shifted to the mathematical impossibility of Clinton winning and the wagons are starting to circle around her calling it quits. What if Pennsylvania had happened a week after Texas and Ohio? The story would have been about how we can't afford to deny a candidate with all the momentum.

One of the most important election cycles in recent history is being decided by a screwy calendar and media-driven momentum. Let's remember that the next primary season.

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