Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Cynical Dream

Hillary Clinton on her posse have taken the week since her victories in Texas and Ohio to float the idea of the once unthinkable "Dream Ticket." Some democrats are taking heart in this idea. This latest pivot from the Clinton camp isnitjibg more than a cynical ploy. The ploy has both short term and long term goals. Both are deceptive to the voters.

The short term goal was Mississippi. Voting in the heavily black state has tilted to Obama. This ploy was way of peeling voters away from Obama and perhaps cutting down on the delegate lead. We don't know how successful this was.

The longer term ploy is more cynical and proves the adeptness of the Clinton machine in playing the politics of the system. The next big state contest is Pennsylvania on April 22nd. This state polls well for Clinton and is likely to be a narrow victory for her. However, because of the ballot proportioning, it will do little to change the delegate totals. That means the Super Delegates will ultimately decide who is nominated. Clinton will be able to say she won all the big states. Obama will counter, rightly, that he won more delegates and likely the popular vote. Hillary Clinton will at that point require a massive shift in the Super Delegates to win the nomination. The shift will be seen as a manipulation of the system, and a thwarting of the will of the voters. That perception is likely to kill much of the enthusiasm Obama's campaign has generated among the youth and the independents who were never likely to vote democrat. Hillary knows this is a net loss for the party and in a further attempt to sway the "Supers she is floating the idea of a "dream ticket" that she knows will never happen. Its a twisted ploy to tug on the heart strings of voters.

Its a promise that will never be fullfilled. And even if it were true, we all know who would be the real VP.

Lets cut the games and get real about this nomination, and start talking issues again.

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