Saturday, March 29, 2008

Machine Gun Jumblies! Oh Behave!

In this time of political darkness here's some laughter for all of you. Mandi Hamlin, age 37, was recently stopped by federal agents when  her nipple ring tripped sensors at a security checkpoint. Hamlin was embarrassed when agents told her to remove the nipple ring for fear that she was carrying an explosive device in her brazier. While there is no video of the incident, a recreation of the event for the media is simply hilarious whereby the victim takes a pair of pliers and removes a ring from a mannequin to show "how painful" the incident was. I understand that after the shoe-bomber, we as a country cannot overlook any creative attempt by the enemy, but this was simply awesome. The possibilities for jokes are endless. "Excuse me ma'am, what are you packing underneath that sweater..." "BAZOOKAS!" What is even more embarrasing was Hamlin agreed to remove the rings for TSA officers, but was unable to budge her second nipple ring. At that point wouldn't the security agents (who are staring at her breasts) use their judgement to determine that the woman is not packing. If she is, those are some powerful implants! Regardless, this gave me a good chuckle on a Saturday morning. Hopefully Boobie bombs do the same for you.

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