Monday, March 31, 2008

As if on Cue

Twas just yesterday I asked if pseudo-regulation was regulation enough and the Treasury Department answered me today. You have to admit, that's lightning turnaround for the US government.
The Treasury Department in tandem with the Federal Reserve and other governmental regulatory agencies released a plan to overhaul how our government regulates the lending industry. The proposal is broad and wide ranging. It also has no hope of going into law before the november election. That's ok too. Good sweeping reform doesn't happen overnight, and the swiftness of the response leads me to take Hank Paulson at his word, that his team had indeed been working on their 200+ page report well in advance of this crisis.

Thankfully, we will see reform of the system in the next presidency. Unfortunately 7 years of inaction and bull-headed ideology over common sense action led us down this path. I fear the next president, whoever they may be will be saddled with a bad economy left over from the irresponsible times of President Bush, then be forced to be the president that reforms an entire system

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