Thursday, March 27, 2008

Creator of American Cultural Phenomenon Passes

From one of my new favorite blogs, 5 Blogs Before Lunch, and for my second cultural post of the day, it is my sad duty to report that Herb Peterson, the man credited with inventing the Egg McMuffin, has died. He was 89. Peterson started out as an ad exec at McDonald's agency, D'Arcy Advertising (later D'Arcy-McManus & Masius), in Chicago. He wrote McDonald's first national advertising slogan, "Where Quality Starts Fresh Every Day." The Egg McMuffin has become synonymous with almost any cheese, egg and muffin-like bread sandwich. Kind of like Kleenex and tissue. Sort of a strange mark to leave on the world, but still an amazing feat to have created a "meal" and a term that is so deeply embedded in the American lexicon. But frankly, I'm lovin' it. RIP, Herb.

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