Sunday, March 9, 2008

Bulk Up, Baby! We're Going to Costco!

Some may say argue that the economics of buying in bulk are flawed. Others might detest the rabid swarms of shoppers who frequent Sam's Club, Price Club and Costco. On the other hand, the satisfaction of buying a three pack of Wish Bone Italian Dressing that will last me the next six months is immeasurable. (Yes, I refused to use the "Priceless" cadence to describe my experience. Why? 'Cause I'm tired of that tired MasterCard campaign already. Move on, Billy Crudup: you've got better things to do than that voice over!)

ANYHOO...I'm quite serious when I say it's truly a sublime sensation to buy in bulk at Costco. I know so - I did it this morning! It's especially splendorous when you consider that toilet tissue and breakfast cereal are premium items in New York. More importantly, though, I think there's a really charming shared American experience and ritual associated with Costco: the Hebrew National hot dog. Families go to Costco...they browse the skyscraper stocked shelves...then they enjoy a little bit of deliciousness from the hot dog producers who answer to a higher power. Costco is a marketplace experience that trumps the modern shopping mall in that you all go to the same all buy the same things...and you all eat together. There's also that sense of a community that comes from being a "card carrying" member of Costco. Are they brainwashing us into feeling good about spending money? Perhaps. But there are worse things to do than bring your family together with other families, find better ways to provide for them, and then all enjoy a dog and some kraut. And besides, who doesn't love coming home with a ten gallon tub of mayonnaise?

PS: Is there anything Kirkland can't make or do well? Socks...pharmaceuticals...even rotisserie chickens! Heaven bless Kirkland.

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