Monday, March 24, 2008

William Kristol is an idiot

I try to stay up on political commentary across the spectrum of opinions. I read Eugene Robinson, EJ Dionne, David Broder, George Will and anything else I find interesting at the Washington Post. I also enjoy the editorials at the NY Times but with less vigor, with the exception of David Brooks. Most of the time newspapers hire intelligent intellectuals who raise the discourse of issue conversation in America. Columnists are the nations original bloggers, and they should not be forgotten about....with one exception.

William Kristol.

It's not that he's conservative, I like the aformentioned David Brooks and George Will. I like them because they make observations and arguments intelligently. They can argue for the war in Iraq, or for more tax cuts smartly, and even if I disagree, they don't insult my intelligence.

They are not William Kristol.

William Kristol takes his brand of politics are all about looking at the select facts he seems to enjoy, distorting them further to his point of view, and then gives his readers a visceral reason to agree with him. But I think what's worse about Kristol is his desire to belittle those who would raise issues and topics of conversations. He is nothing more but a constant evader. Intelligently dodging issues, especially ones for which conservatives are uncomfortable. Case in point, Kristol's column on Obama's race speech. Let's decry Obama as a politican (way to point to the obvious) and a well-spoken orator (because apparently Kristol enjoys presidents that can't string together intelligent sentences, makes him feel smarter), and avoid the central focus of his speech because it makes Kristol uncomfortable.

Bill Kristol may get a lot of mileage out of filling the air with heat instead of light on important issues, but as far as I'm concerned...he's just a wind-bag.

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