Thursday, March 13, 2008

How the Democrats Implode

Are we watching the Democrats implode again?

The 2008 election was supposed to be a romp. Every pundit and poll from NY to Cali proclaimed the same thing. The nation is dissatisfied with the incumbent powers and its very hard for a party to win a third term in the White House. Ergo, the White House and probably congress are a lock to turn blue, reversing the course of the majority of the Bush era.

Now we begin to watch the implosion. Week by week as the primary contest goes on, the democrats give John McCain a stronger and stronger chance of winning the White House. Let me be clear, I am all for a protracted contest between two excellent candidates to determine the best nominee. The problem lies in tactics and in the Clinton machine's reflexive instinct to kneecap their opponent no matter who it is. The Clinton campaign continues to inject race into the campaign (largely through surrogates) and then when they're called on it they claim reverse racism. But their contradictions and abysmal actions extend further.

They claim Barack Obama doesn't have the expereince to be commander in chief, but somehow he is qualfied to be Vice President, one heartbeat away from the big chair. They find a variety of ways to say he doesn't deserve to be here, defining his campaign as nothing more than plagiarized words.

This gives rise to both Obama and Clinton playing the politics of victimhood. Obama faces racism, clinton faces sexism. Meanwhile John McCain stands and takes his lumps like a man. He sits on his perch as the presumptive nominee and snipes at both calling them "liberal democrats." in a "right of center nation."

All the while a Democrat governor gets caught up in a sex scandal. The kind that seems to stick to Dems, and bounce of the GOP.

If you are very quiet, you might hear the sound of Howard Dean's scream.

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