Saturday, March 8, 2008

When Hamsters Attack.

They're building a series of intricate tunnels and undermining the government. No, it's not the Vietcong, I'm talking about thousands of hamsters that have invaded Vietnam from neighboring China. No I'm not tripping on Acid, you read that correctly. Hamsters. Not since the hamster dance swept the Internet have the lovable rodents been the target of so much angst and criticism. To combat the overwhelming popularity of the pets, the ministry of agriculture will fine people twice the average annual wage if they are caught in possession of the little rodents. It would appear this is the only way government officials can curb the hamster black market. Imagine streets and local markets inundated with individuals trying to get their "hamster fix" for the day. The Vietnamese government fears that these unscreened pets may be the source of disease, unlike the illegal prostitutes that have been the focus of international scrutiny. When contacted for this report, an unidentified hamster refused comment, citing that he feared for his family's safety (and that his cheeks were stuffed with peanuts). Here's a tip for the Vietnamese government. Clean up the rampant prostitution that occurs inside your country, then you can engage in all the hamster discrimination you want. However, I think you will be hard pressed to stop the hamsters, it is after all, the year of the rat.


Anonymous said...

The sad thing is the hamsters are probably more of right to be there than the Vietnamese. I have a hard time seeing who are the people and who are the animals in that analogy.

fuchsb said...

Stop hamster discrimination! When will the world realize that hamsters are people’s third best friend! I know guys, it’s easier to distract a country from the real issues by blaming the hamsters…but hamsters need a home too!