Tuesday, March 18, 2008

JFK aint got sh*t on me!

Whether it's tapping the man next to you in the bathroom stall or being client number 9, the new breed of politician has certainly fallen far from the concept of being a "dignitary". Deciding "he could not tell a lie" newly sworn in David Patterson revealed his infidelity towards his wife during what he referred to as a "rocky patch" in their marriage. Fearing blackmail, Patterson decided to come forward at a rocky point in New York politics. However I applaud Patterson's decision. Perhaps this new technique of sexual disclosure should be part of every candidates platform. When a person votes they should be able to see whether a person is a Republican, Pro-Life, Pro-Second Amendment, and if they have slept with over 35 men and women in past ten years. Hell, most Americans weren't pissed that Clinton was getting a BJ in the Oval Office, but were more cheesed that he lied about it. Sexual misconduct is as old as Thomas Jefferson, so get over yourself and embrace the new politics of sex, lies, and internet hookers.

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Michael said...

transparency is the only answer these days...though i don't know that i'm ready to embrace hookers.