Monday, March 24, 2008

Hillary is Jesus, Bill Richardson is Judas...

That's right! According to Democratic bigshot James Carville likened Richardson's endorsement of Obama to the betrayal of Christ by his disciple Judas. Just take a minute for that statement to soak in. Now let it out before your brain explodes. Can you sense it? That's the sound of the Hillary balloon deflating. As I mentioned earlier in this blog, Richardson's endorsement was a very big moment for Democrats moving in the right direction. Sounds like the Hillary camp doesn't like the direction in which the party is moving. No Florida, No Michigan, and No Richarson. What's next, a John Edwards endorsement for Obama? The sky could fall! I generally don't kiss and tell, but should Hillary win (steal) this nomination I will have a very tough time voting for her given the way this election has been conducted. Growing up I was an ardent supporter of Bill Clinton. Aside from his marital problems, the Clinton years were economically sound and prosperous. So please understand that prior to this election I was a supporter of Hilary, but in a few short months my opinion of her is in shambles. I would like to say that Hillary and her supporters will not stoop any lower, but I fear that this is but the beginning. Next headline from Hillary camp to read, "Obama administration will bomb Sweden while raping babies if elected. Vote for Hillary in 2008."

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