Monday, March 24, 2008

What war?

For those who were celebrating Easter on Sunday, you might not have had time to notice the little reported fact that American casualties in Iraq have now reached 4000. What was even more interesting in a BBC article was their assertion that Americans are quickly losing interest in the Iraq war as opposed to a few months ago. I think you would agree that even CNN has strayed from their once rabid coverage of the Iraqi conflict. Most Americans couldn't tell you how many americans died in Iraq, but they can give you a blow by blow of the Brittany Spears saga in sequential order. I have always thought Fox News was a joke, where even at the height of the conflict the lead story would be "Camel Escapes from Zoo, Public Runs for Life". Aside from the movie Stop Loss, Hollywood has seemed to cool on their message of ending the war when compared to only a year or two ago. Why? Why does it seem like the media has somehow forgotten to report on one of the most compelling daily stories aside from the upcoming election? It's because we the public have lost our desire to hear about it. It could be that Americans are more preoccupied with losing their homes and the phantom recession (that the current administration will not recognize).  I'm not really a chest thumping kinda guy who loves the machismo of war, but people need to stop and recognize the sacrifice that our soldiers are making every day. Regardless of how one feels about the war, it's shameful that it's become back-page news. It's gut check time people, either you really care about ending this thing or you don't. Please don't use it as political fodder every fall and then forget about it for the other nine or ten months a year. 

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