Monday, March 24, 2008

I thought no one was interested?

As a twenty-something, I grew up being told one one really cares about politics. I grew up being told by almost everyone that politics was dirty business and that only insiders and idealogues really cared about it. I didn't feel that way mind you. I was just told that, I was told it was especially true of younger people who were largely just getting dumber and who cared less and less about the people around them. Bill Clinton and Pappy Bush begged for voter turn out between mud-slinging sessions. MTV started rock the vote when I was too young to rock.

What this election has proven is that people are interested when real change is needed and desired across the electorate. George W. Bush will be remembered as one of the worst presidents in our history, but he did leave on gift as he bumbles out the door, a national electorate so sick and tired of idiocy in the White House that the country is fired up to change. So what should we do with this energy besides study the issues and make intelligent voting choices?

We need to fight for something else. Term limits for Congress. People write theses on this subject. I ardently believe term limits will fix congress. So I am planning 4 more posts on the topic. They will cover the following things term limits in congress will accomplish:

Citizen Legislature
Fixes Campaign Finance
Gets the Electorate involved cycle after cycle
Fulfills the founders' vision

So stay tuned for more.

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