Monday, March 31, 2008

Gore Stumps For Mother Earth; Won't Broker End to Democrats' Lollygagging

Al Gore went on 60 Minutes last night and discussed his $300 million ad campaign for Mother Earth. The first television advertisements, which are to begin airing on broadcast networks as well as cable starting on Wednesday, will pair up the most unlikely partners in the movement to address global warming. A clip aired on CBS showed the Reverend Al Sharpton sharing a sofa with the conservative preacher Pat Robertson. The two men acknowledge they agree on almost nothing - barring the need to deal with global warming. Other spots will feature the Democratic Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, alongside New Gingrich, the conservative Republican who once held the same post. Gore also also made it clear he has no intention of intervening to bring the Democratic Primary contest to a close. "I'm not applying for the job of broker," he told CBS. (Source: The Guardian)

I for one am intrigued and will continue to follow this story for this blog. The ad campaign, which was hotly contested within the industry, was awarded to The Martin Agency (creators of the brilliant Geico Gecko and Cavemen spots and the soul-crushingly awful Cavemen TV series). Here's a bit of the 60 Minutes interview.

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