Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Greatest American Hero: Hillary Clinton

Believe it or not, she's walking on air! Move over Captain America, this politician hits the ground running. She's stormed the beaches of Normandy, protected American soldiers during the Black Hawk down incident in Somalia, and was under sniper fire during her visit to war-torn Bosnia. Ok, so none of these things actually happened, but at least one of them did, in her mind. Hillary recently apologized for her mental snafu, saying that she may have "misspoke" about landing in a hot-zone while exiting a plane in Bosnia. It's comical to watch CBS footage of Clinton and her daughter Chelsea calmly walking while being fired upon. I find this extremely pleasing since last week Barack Obama was lambasted for comments made by another person, but here is a direct lie from her own mouth. These lies should come as no surprise, her entire resume is a political farce. Being first lady does not qualify one to be the President of the United States. I heard the best analogy on talk radio, when a caller said, "I can be the wife of a plumber for eight years, but that doesn't make me a certified plumber." Unfortunately, Hillary supporters are just as, if not more delusional about her qualifications. If you revisit the majority of the debates over the past year, Hillary takes credit for events in which she either played no role, or a minor one at best. Hillary stop being a hypocrite by accusing Obama for living in a fantasy world. It appears as if your reality needs some adjustment.


Beth said...

Pay no attention to the lies behind her teeth.

Anonymous said...

It's sad that this election is becoming less about the issues. As a Republican, I watch with glee however, the self-destruction by the Democratic Party. Nevertheless, no one benefits from Hillary's lies in the end. They are blatant and bold. Our complacency as a nation in confronting them is troubling, hopefully her supporters wake up and smell the load of crap Bill stepped in when he married her. It was a lie from the outset. Make no mistake, this, she, and her "hubby" harm the electoral process, period.