Friday, March 28, 2008

Where have all the issues gone?

John McCain is a dottering old man that wants to continue the Bush
policies for a century!

Barack Obama is a neophyte reverse-racist Muslim that hates America!

Hillary Clinton is a souless cog in the liberal political machine hell
bent on power at the cost of destruction for all those who might get
in her way!

If you were to listen to the campaigns or sadly many of the pundits
that cover them. Those are the talking point summaries you're likely
to pick up.

Meanwhile the real issues of our day continue to grow more
troublesome. The economy and people's short term needs had rightly
taken the foreground in domestic agenda. However the ofer problems of
our day, global warming, education, security, healthcare, energy
policy. They have all been set aside so the candidates can name-call.
As we are want to do in the blogosphere, we all jumped on the
bandwagon. But let's remember that in re midst of the "silly season"
some people in America go hungry.

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