Monday, March 31, 2008

McCain Has a Case of The Ron Burgundys

Anchorman Ron Burgundy's got a problem with teleprompters. He'll read anything you put in front of him. And, according to the segment below from CNN, John McCain seems to share an affliction with Ron when it comes to reading his speeches off these crazy devices. So, if you see Senator McCain stumbling on the stump, it's not necessarily a senior moment. It's that he's struggling with technology. Now, we know how TV can shape an election (See: Kennedy vs. sweaty Nixon and the debacle of Bush vs. Gore in 2000), but it's interesting to see that today you have to not only look comfortable on camera, you have to learn how to read on camera - and not look like the guest hosts who just can't cut it on Saturday Night Live (see Robert DeNiro). It's truly astonishing how many skills you have to master to become President, not counting having a sound economic plan, ideas on how to fix health care, an exit strategy for Iraq and a map for securing our country, etc. Now you have to make sure you don't question your very existence Ron Burgundy style because someone put a question mark on the teleprompter ("I'm Ron Burgundy?"). Then again, maybe Senator Clinton should be asking herself why she's still a candidate when the mathematics are clearly against her. (Just kidding!)

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