Thursday, February 21, 2008

A post from the Apple Store

For all those wondering why I posted but once yesterday, and why it was an email, my computer finally kicked the bucket last night. It's 7:30am and I stand in the flagship Apple Store on 5th ave waiting for the "geniuses" to take a look at my machine.

I would be annoyed buy the setting provides inspiration for today's post. Technology. 
The private sector and especially the youngest generation of Americans are flocking to an all-online world. Yet, our government has lagged behind the information age. There are precious few examples of government blogs or the kind of internet communication that the presidential campaigns are currently employing. However, an example of what is possible is the TSA Blog the Transportation Security Administration has actually started a blog to discuss their rule changes and current programs. Travelers and citizens can sign on and comment on new policies and get information as to why the TSA operates as it does. 
This should be the future of government agencies, congress members and even the White House. The world is getting more transparent. I can't imagine the founders wouldn't want it that way. 

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