Friday, February 8, 2008

The YouTube Effect

If you followed the 2008 Presidential Race on YouTube, you're liable to think that Ron Paul is leading this thing and Barack Obama is the second coming of Zeus, or Heccuba, or Rocky Balboa, or Rambo. Maybe Ron Paul is more the Rambo type. In any case, I had to be one of the countless bloggers to show you the following....

While these videos make the rounds, I think its fascinating to check out the comments listed below. If nothing else this level of debate, I call it meta-debate, that is debate about debate, has raised the level of discourse throughout the country. I cannot remember a time when the country cared so much about an election cycle. The question is, where does the blogosphere fit into the debate? Do the bloggers and you-tubers matter? Is this new form of media as important or more important than traditional television? Blogs like this one are a new phenomena in politics, do they effect the debate?

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