Wednesday, February 6, 2008

DEM's the breaks

What does the calendar mean for Senators Obama and Clinton going forward? I look for February to remain mostly split. Prognostication has proven useless this election cycle, but look for an emerging pattern for the Democrats in February. Look for the margins of victory in the states Obama wins to be wider than the state Clinton carries. If that happens February could be a good month for Obama in long run, delegate count will be what matters from here on and this has truly been the cycle of zero momentum.

If there is to be a turning point in February and the 5th wasn't it, then look to the so-called "Beltway Primary" February 12th. It will be the end of a long primary week, do the candidates have the energy and the message strength to win these states.

The Clinton campaign has offered up three more debates for mass consumption from now until the end of the month. It's rare for a front-runner to want more debates. The Clinton camp seems to believe they look stronger when she stands one on one with Obama. It's an interesting strategy as critics by and large called the last debate a tie.

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