Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tuesday-Brooks Day

As usual, I take a moment on Tuesday's to link to one of my favorite
columnists, David Brooks of the NY Times.

Today, Brooks goes on the mild-mannered attack of the democrats
exposing what he believes will be inevitable rifts in the party and in
the country if either Senator Clinton or Senator Obama make good on
their pledge to begin a rapid reduction in troop levels out of Iraq.

I alluded to this problems last night in my entry concerning Iraq War
policy and election rhetoric. We simply cannot as an electorate stand
for having a "Stay In" candidate in John McCain and a "get out"
candidate in Clinton or Obama.

Personally, I hope John McCain's all but certain nomination on the
Republican side will force a more vigorous debate heading to election
day. Democrats fell over one another to get to the head of the line on
troop withdrawal. It's time for them to recover some balance. If
either Obama or Clinton were asking for my advice, which they
decidedly aren't I would have them tap an expert on the subject of
Iraq equal in capacity to McCain.

As this entry is already a bit long, I'll save that name for the next

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