Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Obama-Not a muslim terrorist

You know I had to be one of the bloggers that touched this one...in case you haven't heard. Senator Barack Obama is still not a Muslim terrorist trying to infiltrate the White House. Despite what his rival might be giving the Drudge Report to post. The image depicts a visit to Kenya where Obama tried on the local garb. 

The image made the rounds on the internet and after some rapid vetting, even the New York Post admitted it was a smear job from the Clinton Camp. A great analysis can be found at the Newsweek blog

This kind of racially motivated tactic is so low and so vile, I can't imagine how someone could continue to support Senator's Clinton's campaign. She is a competent, intelligent woman, but if it is true, as Drudge claims, that the Clinton camp furnished him the photos in an effort to smear Obama along racial lines...it draws on the worst in politicians and the worst in people. 

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MickieD said...

Whether or not this misleading photo material might have been circulated without Mrs. Clinton's approval, this should send up a big red flag. If she can't maintain control over her campaign staff, how can we be expected to trust she can manage the larger responsibilities of the White House, government agencies, et.al. A person is judged ethically and professionally by the company they keep, the work they produce, and the people they hire. I have had enough of high level politicians not taking the blame for the actions of their staff, in effect hiding behind plausible deniability. Mrs. Clinton is a sharp and intelligent politician and a very strong minded individual. I don't for a minute think any action would take place within her campaign she was not aware of. She would do well to encourage her staff to spend more time helping communicate her agenda for improving our country and less time on finding ways to submarine her opponent.