Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Good idea/bad idea

So here's a question. Now that the hoopla and spin machines are
winding down. Was Super Tuesday a good idea? Did this method of
choosing a nominee help our process? This is the closest we've ever
come to a national primary.

I for one think this calendar has been a failure. Expecting Iowa and
New Hampshire to I'd predictive, prohibitive contests and the idea
that the sheer size of Super Tuesday would create a battle for
momentum in the small states has also proved bunk.

Instead the small states were lavished with incredible attention, only
to extend little influence to their Super Tuesday counterparts. While
the early contests were an exercise of personal politics. Super
Tuesday was an exercise in the national poll system. This system of
television ads only enhances the roll of classic political calculation.

Next time around, I'll be voting for a not so Super Tuesday.

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