Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Seeking more wonks!

Readers of policythought unite!

Hey guys and gals. We're looking to expand the policythought team to
include more opinions and more policy wonks. Regardless of political
affiliation, age or geographic location we are looking for writers to
share thief thoughts right here on policythought.

If you're interested in jumping aboard, either leave a comment or send
an email to policythought@gmail.com

Much love and happy blogging.


1 comment:

J. Thomas Hunter said...

Hello James,
I am a conservative blogger at www.blkandred.com. I like your blog and would love to contribute. As a matter of fact, I actually was interested in starting a Left-Right blog, or another set up that would allow a more diverse or comprehensive array of ideology. If you're interested in my work, please send me an email at blkandred@gmail.com.