Tuesday, June 17, 2008

BFF 4ever

Al Gore wholeheartedly supports Obama. Shocking, isn't it? Who could have possibly predicted that once Hilary Clinton conceded, that Gore would back the Democratic nominee? Still, one can't blame Gore for not getting in the middle of the primary spat. He knew that no matter which received the nomination, he would play a big part in (hopefully)their election, and they in turn would give him more power to do what he's passionate about--helping the environment.

Turns out, Al Gore is a pretty smart guy. But Obama is not too dull either. The unveiling of the alliance in Michigan at this point is pretty darn smart (as the NY Times pointed out). And with all these pictures of these two bright men standing together, we may be tempted to start thinking of a joint ticket, a real dream team when compared to the two currently in office. But before we all start getting giddy about a joint ticket, I ask what would Al Gore gain by being VP? Seems to me he would be much better off in a lower profile, high level position where he can drive the environmental agenda. And any candidate would be an idiot not to give it to him.

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