Wednesday, June 4, 2008

What Lies Beneath...

For those individuals who believe that Hillary's posturing on Tuesday night was her attempt to pressure Obama to accept her as Vice President, think again. Hillary Clinton's inability to surrender reflects but one thing, Hillary's love affair with herself. It makes no sense whatsoever for her to posture any further, a move which will only enrage Obama supporters and drive a wedge further between the two candidates. Some pundits have pointed out that Kennedy and Johnson had no love for one another, yet they co-existed. Clearly these individuals are downplaying the rhetoric used throughout this campaign and assuming that Hillary cares about her place in the party. We can all talk about "how resilient Hillary is" or "how much she has accomplished", but if you want to see the true nature of Hillary's campaign look no further than Harold Ickes's comments on Saturday afternoon. It's safe for Harold Ickes to smear the Democrats because his comments cannot be attributed directly to her. Make no mistakes that Hillary holds this electoral process and her own party in contempt for allowing Obama to steal this nomination that she was entitled to. It would not surprise me to see Clinton mount an independent campaign, free of the Democrats, much like Joe Lieberman who lost in the primary process during his run for re-election. Many have wisely pointed out that Hillary is deeply concerned most with her and Bill's place in history. Don't be so short sighted to think that she will settle for the number two spot. After all, this is her turn, this is her destiny, this is her moment. Losing in the primary will not jive with her ego and therefore I predict this is far from over. Hillary won't let some small detail like delegate math get in her way. And you thought the Ron Paul revolution was bad, you haven't seen anything yet.

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