Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Real (Left?) News

The Real News Network launched late last year as a independent news organization that pledges to use no corporate, government, or advertising money to provide we the public with unfettered news coverage. In principal this sounds wonderful, in practice I have my doubts. 

The news outlet seems to veer leftward in the issues and nature of its coverage. Look at the screenshot provided above some headlines...

-Greening the Evangelicals
-Hunger in the Wake of Climate Change
-Has Obama Moved to the Right?
-Cheney Blocked Talks with Iran

I am not questioning the value or temerity of any of these stories, is the the general leftward tilt the main page takes that raises my antenna. I recognize, that policythought leans a bit to the left as an outlet for news and opinion as well, but we try to call it like we see it. Real News Network has a lot of potential to become an independent voice out there with high quality video news. But if it becomes viewed as nothing more than a mouthpiece for the left, it will die a quick death. 

Check out this promotional video posted below. 

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