Wednesday, June 18, 2008


John Stewart addresses the irrational fear that behind the mild-mannered facade, Barack Obama is intent on enslaving the white race.

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The Left said...

Maybe not the white race, but how about the black race?

Here is his silence on prison expansion and private prisons in this courteous letter to the largest prison contractor in the U.S., a profiteer off of high crime rates in black communities:

Also, he does NOT call for a living wage, a crucial axis of Dr. King's dream.

He does NOT call for a repeal of the Taft Hartley Act that prevents unions like the SEIU from organizing primarily people of color in the workplace. He'd rather see those workers fired and replaced with scabs.

He does NOT call for protecting health care as a right for all people with a national health care system, another part of the Dream.

He does NOT call for a carbon tax to protect the working class from corporate carbon cap and trade, which he ADVOCATES.

He DOES call for stronger military recruitment, exploiting the poor black man to build troop levels back to Cold War era figures to fight the War on Terror.

He SUPPORTS AFRICOM, the vast militaristic imperial expansion of our defense funds and blood industrial complex into the global south, supporting violent regimes in Africa, oppressing liberation struggles for the black population and their democratic challenges.

And that's just the beginning of the danger for the black community. Incrementalism is silence and silence is violence.

Go ahead, vote in favor of that and endow him with the political capital to pull it off and squirt whipped cream rhetoric all over his pile of shit policies that cost American, Iraqi, Iranian, Pakistani, Afghani, Palestinian, and African blood.

Obama is a champion for NOTHING. He will not stand for peace or justice. He has refused in the past and we should NOT "hope" for it in the next four years after the promises he's made to Bilderberg, IDF, Gen. Petraeus, and the neo-con imperialists.

How about that for institutionally racist enslaving?

He is one slippery fraud, fooling the black community and the empathizers that he is good for them and their brothers and sisters abroad. Just wait for the riots when he indentures them for war and private prison labor.

Just wait when the black churches are still meeting to discuss black liberation struggles in Africa and Barack Obama is at the podium directing the symphony of agony for the global south. How long will they skirt and spin their discussion to avoid criticizing the imperial president Obama? How long will it take for another Bay of Pigs to happen in Iran or Pakistan or Zimbabwe before the American Left and peace community WAKES UP?!?!

History, JFK, is repeating itself.

The only victory for peace this election is if Nader or McKinney wins or no one votes and we strip the next president of their power, returning it to the people.

Don't vote, or vote for peace.

Let the blood flow on other people's ballots.

(profanity censored)