Saturday, June 28, 2008

Latinos Lambaste McCain!

Both Republican and Democrats have recently criticized McCain for lacking the ability to energize audiences, and for appearing old when compared with Obama. McCain silenced that group of critics today when a crowd of Latinos seemed quite spirited and roused while being addressed by McCain. Unfortunately for McCain, these emotions took the form of jeers from hecklers who railed against his proposals for the Iraq War. I am somewhat torn on this outcome, because I don't think any dignitary deserves to be interrupted when he has been invited to lay out a platform. While this is not the first appearance of hecklers (Obama has had to deal with his fair share), I certainly hope that it is one of the last. I understand that people want their voices to be heard by government, but I seriously doubt that is the motivating factor in such cases. These people generally seem to be seeking their fifteen minutes of fame, for if they really cared about the issues they would behave in a more dignified and appropriate manner. I also realize these are troubling times and the economy is in shambles, however what will yelling at a candidate truly accomplish? McCain understands just as much as Obama that people are hurting, he doesn't need to be berated and quite frankly as an elder statesman and former war veteran he deserves your attention and respect. Do not go to a public event to dishonor his service in a pathetic attempt to derail his speech. I find myself disagreeing with McCain more often than not, but as a presidential candidate he deserves respect, regardless of how I feel about his policies. Not to sound like an elitist, but recent aggravated verbal assaults provide rationale for the Electoral College. While that is a long debate for another time, let me say that occasionally I am happy that we have a system in place to protect us from emotional voters, who are either misinformed or only vote on one issue. It appears that politics in this country is degenerating into boxing-style press conferences where anybody with a ticket instantly thinks he/ she is an expert in democracy and governance. When the Founding Fathers created a government based upon the voice of the people, I don't think displays like today are what they had in mind. Citizens have every right to be heard, but you have to do something before you get to debate McCain. He's up there on stage, and you're getting escorted by security out the door. There is a reason why. He knows his stuff, and you're an ignorant fool. Enjoy your spaghetti!

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