Monday, June 30, 2008

Obama Moves to the Center

Senator Obama once vowed to veto any FISA bill that protected the telecom companies.

Then he voted for one.

Senator Obama supported robust public financing of elections.

Until he opted out of the system.

Senator Obama opposed NAFTA.

Now, he seems ready to just tweak it.

Obama is doing what is pragmatic, he is moving rightward toward the center of the political spectrum so as to appeal to independent voters in the general election. Having gleaned the support of the left he clearly sees a path to center and to victory in November.

Frankly, I am a little ambivalent toward his shift in positions, possibly because they are positions I am not terribly passionate about. But it does make the practical voter wonder, if I elect Obama in November, who do I get in January? Do I get the left leaning liberal who wants to withdraw from Iraq quickly? Do I get the the Obama that opposes NAFTA as presently written?

It's a fair question and its one that Obama will have to answer as the debates draw closer.

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