Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Feminism's wake up call

I have no problem with a religion's reverence of virginity until marriage. Christianity shares this with Islam. But I do object to it being used as weapon to degrade and oppress women. And unfortunately, this is what is behind the surge in operations. Muslim women need to "prove" their virginity-often going to the gynecologist to receive certificates that their hymens are still intact. Nevermind that the hymen is not a good indicator of virginity as they can be damaged in accidents, do not necessarily tear upon having intercourse, and there are women who are born without them.

And if abstinence until marriage is so virtuous, then it should be so among males and females. Yet, there are no tests and certificates required for men. There are no invasive check-ups, or operations to save them shame and exile. A man who makes the "mistake" of engaging in intercourse before marriage suffers no public humilation or shame. A woman does. That is where the wrong lies.

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