Monday, June 16, 2008

Evangelicals for Obama?

Take a look at this piece posted by Ben Smith at Politico. Stephen Mansfield supporter of George W. Bush and Tom Delay has penned a pro-Obama biography. Here's a quote...

"Young Evangelicals are saying, 'Look, I'm pro-life but I'm looking at a guy who's first of all black-and they love that; two, who's a Christian; and three who believes faith should bear on public policy," Mansfield, who described himself as a conservative Republican, said in a telephone interview (with Politico). "They disagree with him on abortion, but they agree with him on poverty, on the war." 

I find it amazing that when you get two candidates that aren't willing to pander directly to the religious right, we begin to see open mindedness of people. Not seeing a candidate that is willing to tell them exactly what they want to hear, Evangelicals are thinking critically about a wide range of issues before they make their choice. I love what happens when Karl Rove disappears. 

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