Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Beware: Lull Ahead

As the delegate math sews up for Senator Obama look for the lull to set in. Political coverage in MSM is going to slow down in the coming weeks as media organizations have fewer contests to cover. To be sure the blogs and cable news will go on dissecting every uttered syllable, but the public's attention span and therefore big network coverage will shrink on this topic until the conventions. This is good news for Senator Obama. He hasn't won a dominant victory over Senator Clinton, but rather a war of attrition. As long as Senator Clinton doesn't do anything to make their battle more public in the weeks and months leading to the convention, the media will yawn as she makes her arguments on electability. The lull will be the media slow-down Obams needs to quietly mend fences after a divisive primary battle.

The lull hurts Senator McCain. He needs all the free media coverage he can get with so little in his campaign coffers. With Republican brand ID so startlingly low, McCain needs open air to declare himself the unconventional Republican. If people fall asleep to the election season and wake up for McCain's convention speech he might get tagged with that brand clear to November.

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