Saturday, May 10, 2008

Nine more pick Barack but Hillary takes another shot

The earth is officially crumbling underneath Hillary's feet. Another nine Super Delegates have now joined the Obama camp swinging even more momentum his way. I understand Hillary's desire to exit gracefully, but all these charades are just delaying the inevitable, not to mention they are running up quite a bill for the Clinton campaign. At this point, as I have said in numerous blogs, I think it's time for the heavy hitters to step up to the plate and make an endorsement. That means John Edwards and Al Gore need to stop playing politics andhave to start to think about the big prize, November. A prolonged race could have lasting negative effects. 

Hillary might be eliminated, but that hasn't stopped her from using racially divisive language in trying to smear Obama. Recently in a phone interview, Hillary reiterated that Obama will not win in the fall because white voters and blue collar workers don't identify with him. All these shenanigans might actually hurt her standing in the party and should Obama lose, especially if his loss is attributed to all her attacks. The Dems are hungry and if they are denied the White House after an eight year drought because of Hillary she can say goodbye to any chances of running in 2012. I know that Mike said in his earlier post we need to step back and appreciate exactly what Hillary is trying to accomplish, but I have to disagree with him on one major point. I was hoping that the first female candidate would conduct herself with a little more dignity and grace instead of running (in my opinion) one of the most divisive primary campaigns in modern history. I understand that top Super Delegates don't want to feel as if they are "forcing" Hillary out, but the time for subtlety is over.  Hillary take a hike!

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