Monday, May 19, 2008

The New Math

What can you do when your opponent will probably cross the finish line on Tuesday, securing him the nomination? Move the finish line backwards of course, silly! For those of you who thought Hillary might come to her senses, think again. The new math according to the Clinton camp should include the disenfranchised voters in Michigan and Florida, despite Hillary's prior commitment to follow the DNC rules which stripped them of their delegates prior to the Iowa and New Hampshire votes. Amazing isn't it? Let's talk about how important Iowa and New Hampshire are in the voting process, and denounce Michigan and Florida's decision to move their primaries up. Then once New Hampshire and Iowa are in the rearview mirror, change your song about Michigan and Florida. How typical of a Clinton. I did not have sexual relations with that woman... Why do most Americans think that Hillary is untrustworthy? It's because she even lies to herself. Hillary, the math is 2026, it's over.

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